DVI Splitter: Connect multiple DVI displays to a single DVI source

DVI Splitter is a hardware device used for displaying the same image on multiple DVI monitors from a single DVI (Digital Visual Interface) source. Having compliance to HDCP, it supports the DDC2B protocol along with DDWG standards for DVI monitors. These devices are available in port sizes of 2, 4 and 8 and can also be cascaded thereby letting you to split and share your DVI video connection among larger number of DVI video displays. These splitters are also available in a CAT5 version which uses Cat5 cables in order to send the video signal up to 220 ft.
2 Port DVI Splitter
There are three main categories of the DVI Splitter. A one input, two output single-link video signal; a one input, four output single-link video signal and; a one input, two output dual-link Video Splitter. The basic features of all the video splitters in these categories are the same. All devices are small form factor units and work on the plug and play principle. Compatible with PC, Mac or SUN based systems using the newer DVI video connectors; these devices support computer resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz and provide crisp and clear video quality on flat panel displays, digital plasma screens, projectors, HD DVD &satellite receivers. The DVI Video Splitter has the ability to provide the same image, without any distortion, on all connected monitors simultaneously and in real time. The working methodology consists of connecting the local DVI video source to the splitter then connecting video displays to each of the outputs of the splitter. This device is also available with rack mountable kits and mounting brackets in order to save space where the latter is limited. Equipped with the standard industry approvals from FCC, CE as well as RoHS, it works on panel link digital technology.
5 Port DVI Splitter
With the introduction of digital technology, digitized multi-media application systems will generate an important development in multi-media application. Due to this feature these splitters are generally used for broadcasting and digital signage applications. DVI Video Splitter also finds its usage in presentations, classrooms, test bench facilities, remote monitoring & training facilities, because in all these cases displaying of the same image on multiple DVI monitors is required.

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