DVI Splitter: Splits DVI Signals and Relays them to Multiple DVI Devices in Real Time

A single DVI source can be connected to multiple DVI displays using a DVI Splitter. An alternate name for this device is a Distribution Amplifier since it reproduces the digital video signal and maintains high resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz without any distortion in images being displayed. Up to eight displays can be connected to a single source. In order to achieve larger distributions, these devices can be daisy chained or cascaded. In order to increase the distance between the source and display device, the splitter can be connected with DVI extenders via STP/UTP cables. Operating on panel link digital technology, some of these splitters are available in rack mountable versions as well.

DVI Splitter
Easy to install, the DVI Video Splitter works on plug and play functionality. The DVI video source needs to be connected to the splitter whose output is connected to the DVI video displays. Once the connections are secured, this device is ready for operation. Key benefits of this device are usage of a single source to send video to multiple locations, support offered to DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors and FCC and CE certification. This splitter works with monitors, HDTV’s, projectors, and plasma screens. Available in various types, the most commonly used models are one input, two output single-link video; one input, four output single-link video; and a one input, two output dual-link Video Splitter.

While the first DVI Video Splitter distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to two Single-Link displays, the second one distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to four Single-Link displays. On the other hand, the last model distributes a Dual-Link DVI video source to two Dual-Link displays. HDCP compliant, these splitters are available in 2, 4, 5 and 8 port sizes. Various models are also available with optional audio and are compatible with almost all operating systems. This splitter enhances the video quality of presentations as well as broadcasting of real-time data.

Perfect for scenarios where middle and high level display devices equipped with digital visual interface technology are used, the DVI Splitter finds its place in classrooms, health-care facilities, command and control centers, hotels, airports, shopping malls, remote monitoring and training facilities and digital signage applications.

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