DVI Splitter Tranfers DVI Signals to Multiple Displays

A single DVI source can be connected to multiple DVI displays using dvi splitter. Available in 2, 4 and 8 ports with the ability to connect additional displays if multiple splitter units are daisy chained or cascaded. There are three types of these splitters available; a one input, two output single-link DVI unit; a one input, four output single-link DVI unit; a one input, two output dual-link DVI unit; a one input, five output single-link DVI unit; and a one input eight output single-link DVI unit. Each unit is supplied with a DC power supply for correct operation. These units can also be connected to dvi extender via STP/UTP cables to extend the distance between the source and display devices.

Also known as a DVI distribution amplifier, this device acts as a signal amplifier and maintains the signal integrity. Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz are supported by these devices without any distortion of images. Easy to install, these devices do not require any additional software or device drivers for operation. The video source is connected to the input port on the splitter which in turn is connected to the displays through the output ports. Once the connections are secured and the system powered on, the splitter is ready to operate as it works on the principle of plug and play. These units support the DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors and works with HDTVs, Projectors, DVDs, Plasma screens etc. This video splitter operates on panel link digital technology and is also available in desktop or rack mountable versions.

FCC and CE certified, it is also HDCP compliant and ensures that the data being relayed is not pirated. Compact in size, this device is compatible with almost all operating systems and is equipped with DVI-I input and output interfaces found on digital video sources and displays. Since this device enhances the quality of presentations and broadcasting of real time data, it is used in educational institutions, data and control centers, entertainment facilities, stock exchanges, railway, bus and airport terminals, hospitals, military and government environments. Due to these features the DVI Splitter is referred to as a perfect solution for environments where high level DVI displays are used. Its functionality is very very different from These hardware devices are very much useful and are very much compatible with the electronic devices.