DVI to HDMI: Inexpensive Means of DVI and HDMI Integration

Digital video displays can now be connected to high definition multimedia interface devices using a DVI to HDMI conversion device. Since HDMI and DVI are both digital signals, there is no need to convert the digital signals to analog and then back to digital. They are relayed in uncompressed digital streams. All one needs to do is secure the connections of the device and it is ready to use since it works on simple plug and play functionality. Installation is simple and does not require complex procedures. The images that are finally displayed are crisp and clear and there is no loss of data. This device supports resolutions of 1080p, 2k and 1920 x 1200.

Available in two formats, the HDMI DVI converter can either be used to connect a DVI source to a HDMI display or it can be used to connect a DVI or HDMI source to the VGA display device. Whereas in the former model, there is no signal conversion from digital to analog, by using the latter model, one can convert the signals and show them on the VGA display devices. This is a key feature of this device as it can be used to connect the older televisions to PCs, or game consoles which work on the digital interface. Compliant with HDMI standards and equipped with agency approvals from FCC, CE and RoHS, this dvi-d to vga converter seamlessly integrates audio and video equipment with home theater devices.

Since this unit supports high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP), it encrypts and protects digital video and audio signals transmitted between the source and display devices. This converter encodes digital audio on to the view signal for HDMI video and audio. The input selection is done via push buttons on the front panel. This unit is available in wall mountable versions as well and supports a video bandwidth of 350 MHz and an audio bandwidth of 50 MHz. Requiring an external power supply of 5V DC@2A, it consumes only five watts of power. The vga to dvi-d converts the vga signals to dvi-d signal.

Due to its functionalities, the DVI to HDMI conversion unit is used in educational institutions, corporate offices, government agencies in order to make presentations on high definitions display devices while keeping in mind the privacy of the content displayed.