Know how of DVI extender, HDMI extender, VGA extender

DVI (digital video interface) extender is a device which is used to transfer high resolution video signals to the DVI display devices located at remote sites. It can be directly connected to the computer system. Thus the signal transmission is possible through remote access also. The various types of dvi extenders transmit the signal either through a Cat5/6/e or through fiber optic. It consists of a transmitter part which is always connected to the computer and the receiver part which is always located near the display device. It is used to help in in maintaining longer distance transmission. DVI extender has been found more in demand in the world of home entertainment as its biggest advantage of being connected between the PC and monitor.

HDMI extender transfers high-definition video signals via a sender and a receiver connected at the display end. The media of transmission is either a CAT cable or a fiber optic cable and receiver. The biggest advantage of using it is that the distance of the receiver from the transmitter does not matter at all. This device has the capability to transmit the high definition signals over long distances without any distortion. It delivers more noise free signal. The biggest advantage of hdmi extender over other ones is that the high quality video signal without any distortion can be transmitted. It is compatible with DVD players, set-top boxes and TVs. With the use of HDMI port located in this device.

VGA (Video Graphics Array) extender consists of a transmitter unit which is connected to the computer and receiver unit which is connected to the remote. The signal from the computer monitor is in digital format. It is used to convert the the signal from the computer into analog and for transmitting it the graphics card is left behind. It is later again converted to digital format at the other computer end. It somehow while transmission of the pixel resolution of the original signal. Here the connection is developed not through any software configuration but plug-in and plug-out technique is used. It is highly in demand in big educational institutes, offices and also at home. Basically video signals are between the host and the end target destination devices. The vga extender will always prove to be the best in use to the common man and each one has its own advantages. These can find their use in military, industrial, commercial, aerospace applications. They can be used in displaying the output over a larger are be it in the airport or other such purposes.