KVM Switch: Control Multiple Computers from one Set of Peripherals

KVM Switch is an Economical and Reliable Product

KVM Switch (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) is a hardware device that permits connection of a single keyboard, monitor and mouse with multiple computers. Functioning in reverse direction, these switches also enable a single computer to be connected to multiple keyboards, monitors and mice. Amongst its numerous benefits, the most popular ones are that it saves you time, money, space, equipment, power and reduces manual work too. These switches also allow controlling a pool of server computers using a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. Available in 2, 4, 8 and 16-port versions, resolutions up to 1920 x 1440 including native SUN resolution of 1152 x 900 at a bandwidth of 200MHz can be supported by these devices.
While the 2 port KVM switch is mainly used to switch controls between two computers, the 4, 8 and 16 port devices switch control among the respective set of computers. The control is exercised by using the push buttons on the device or through keyboard commands. Equipped with features like keyboard and mouse emulation so as to allow easy boot-up and operation, it also includes an auto scanning feature. This hardware device supports multiple operating systems and gives high quality video resolution when used with coaxial VGA cabling. All this can be done without any additional power supply as it draws power off the keyboard. Undoubtedly these switches make work easier at home or in an organization.
USB DVI Dual Link KVM Switch, 2port
Available in a wide range of styles and functionalities, the most popular these days is the DVI KVM Switch. This is a hardware device which is used to control several PS2 or USB based computers with DVI video using a single keyboard, DVI monitor and a mouse. Compatible with various platforms and operating systems, it is basically used in for applications such as workstations in supervisory systems, process control centers, server farms etc. The different modes to control this switch are via the push buttons on the front panel or hot key commands from the keyboard. Built in a rugged metal enclosure, this device is often referred to as an out of band solution as it operates outside the main network. Classified into analog or digital depending on their connection type, the KVM Switch is popular in data centers and server rooms.

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