VGA splitter: VGA video displayed simultaneously on multiple screens

A vga splitter enables VGA video to be displayed from one source to multiple devices. A normal configuration is 2, 4, 8 or 16 ports but in order to achieve a greater distribution up to 90 displays, one can daisy chain or cascade multiple units. Easy to install, the process is such that the unit is connected with a VGA cable from the computer’s graphic port to the input. Out of the multiple outputs, the primary connection is used for the main display while the rest are connected to the other display devices. Once powered, the device is ready to work. Equipped with an in built signal booster that enhances video quality, this VGA distribution amplifier ensures crystal clear images at a high resolutions including UXGA, SXGA, XGA, and VGA.

Offering multi platform compatibility, these devices work with PCs, MACs and SUNs with VGA video. Supporting a video bandwidth of up to 400 MHz, they also follow the DDC, DDC2, as well as the DDC2B protocol. Sources and video displays that use the VGA (HD15) connector can be used with this splitter. Amongst the various models of this unit available, some involve transmitting video across inexpensive Cat5/Cat6 UTP cables. These models overcome the distance limitations imposed by the VGA cables. .

The VGA video splitter available in Rackmount and desktop versions. Models with the audio option are referred to as Audio Video Splitters. Enclosed in a metal casing, these splitters have a compact design with convenient connections. They are equipped with LEDs which indicate the input and power save status and also have the ability to switch to a power save mode when the input signal is lost. These units, when combined with a video switch in a same form factor, result in a video matrix switch that allows multiple VGA inputs to be displayed on multiple video outputs. Applications requiring high bandwidth, high resolutions and identical visual images across multiple screens make use of these splitters.

Environments such as conference and board rooms, entertainments facilities, training and data centers, digital signage applications where the same image needs to be displayed on multiple screens utilize the VGA splitter. The other splitters in use are the hdmi splitter which is a device used to establish connection among different HDMI devices like cable box, DVD, etc and make them visible on multiple displays screens. It helps in getting a better picture clarity and increases the chances of visibility on more than one display screen.