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USB Video Extender - The Most Economical Way To Extend The Signal

Thursday, October 10, 2013 1:32:19 PM America/New_York

With the technological advancement dominating our daily lives, it is absolutely impossible not to acknowledge simple and cost-effective means to do things. One of the most simple and affordable way to extend the signal and reach is by using USB video extender. A USB video extender will help you to easily overcome the limitation caused by USB cable limitation. A USB video extender comes in very handy and is indeed a great gadget.

If you are still wondering why you should be using USB video extender then the points mentioned below will surely educate you.


If you thought that USB will only help you store data and information then you are wrong. It is the sole device that will efficiently and consistently work as a backup device and help in extend the signal and strengthen connectivity.  You may be a very dedicated user of printers but I am sure you do not use the printer all day long as you may be using the USB device.

More space

Anything extra is always welcome. If you will get extra space at your workstation without much hassle I am sure you will be happy. This is possible only if you can shift your big and bulky devices to another room. You can do this with the help of cable networks as it will not interrupt the signals and will not even distort the connectivity if the distance increases. If you are thinking that you can easily move all the peripherals to another place and far away from your work station – it can happen.

You can easily have a dedicated room for all the gadgets and peripherals so that it does not cause a hindrance in daily operations for the employees.

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Know More About Hdmi Video Distribution Amplifier

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 9:44:46 AM America/New_York

In the recent past therehave been many arguments and discussions on video splitter and a distribution amplifier. With technological innovations making a debut every week in the market there are many comments and opinions regarding the new gadgets and devices that are made to make our life easier and better.

But before going ahead and discussing more on Hdmi Video Distribution Amplifier it is very essential to understand what is an amplifier. For all those who do not know an amplifier is a device that has many electrical units that enhances the signal, quality of sound and also gives a better resolution (in case of videos). If you have attended big concerts you will know what amplifiers are. If the sound of the singer is magical and music is amazing it is because an amplifier is used.

The market has many varieties of distribution amplifiers. They are available in various formats so that users can enjoy the facilities of video splitter services for various devices.

Did you know that video splitters can be used for PC and superior quality television formats only? It can all function in cases of HDMI, VGA and DVI platforms.

Video splitting technology has caused waves in the technology sphere and HDMI Video Splitter is a benchmark in this respect. The HDMI technology is very superior and world-class. The high definition multimedia interface is smoothly distributed that simply creates magic and enhances the view ability. Whether you want it for your gaming console or DVD players or even office projectors HDMI video splitter is very effective. It is actually the time when everything is defined by video technology and this gadget offers superior solutions.

Many people tend to use the terms distribution amplifiers and video splitters in the same sense. As time is going out Distribution Amplifier is becoming outdated. 

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Video Matrix for Your Video Signal

Thursday, October 3, 2013 11:55:08 AM America/New_York

If you love watching videos and YouTube has catalyzed this revolution then you must know that the video revolution is here to stay. You will be very excited to learn that every month new tools and gadgets are making a debut in the market that will enhance the boost the signal of the videos.

Do you know what a video matrix is? So much is being discussed so you should at least know what is the gadget all about. As the name implies it is gadget made for videos that enables video broadcasting from multiple sources. A video matrix is basically a healthy mix of a video splitter and video switch. It is a wonderful device as both video and audio signals can be easily broadcasted by using the video matrix.

The user has enough choices and can easily choose from the various options of video sources. You no longer have to feel mundane and bored. A user will feel energized and can say goodbye to complicated and cluttered viewing days which was caused due to network of cables. Video matrix switch will simplify your life for the better as it will allow you to route single or all the inputs at the same time.

The video routing switcher lets you individually route any or all inputs to any output or outputs all at the same time. The video matrix switches come in various configurations. It ranges from 2x2 till 32x16. All the audio and video signals are smoothly transmitted till adistance of 1000 feet. If you are fan of crystal clear images then you should know that you can easily view 1900x 1200 resolution videos. Right from supporting MAC to windows the video matrix switches are a boon to all those who appreciate the good things in life.

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Few Better Video Splitting Solutions

Saturday, September 21, 2013 3:37:16 AM America/New_York

A wide range of DVI splitter that is commonly available in the market that supports both digital and analog part of DVI video signal. These splitters come in a range of sizes and can even support different kinds of resolutions depending upon the single and double link. The main purpose of these splitters is to display the image on multiple monitors. So this kind of video splitting is necessary in the places like restaurants, clubs, malls, learning centers, conference centers and more.

DVI splitter

Need of video splitting

Before using it one should understand the need and benefits of this video splitting. This video splitting will be useful to interact with a crowd as this helps the entire audience see and get a complete access to the information on the speaker on the screen. These will get a very good result for the investors who are business people, educators, party planners and others. Even a social event can be very successful with the help of these splitters. People can even enjoy the football match or any other sport if these splitters are placed, the image will be displayed with a good quality on every screen Adapters and all other accessories are to be installed in a very proper manner to get a better result.

Manage your space

Also with the way of the contemporary style of living opted by people space saving happen to be very important and a very crucial thing which is to be seen before we buy anything. KVM drawers are not only space saving but are also convenient and a secure storage solution. These drawers are equipped with unique features and are suitable for the space restricted environment since it can be used to manage servers directly from the racks. This can become a smart way of utilizing the space in the server room and is also very cost effective.

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Enjoy the Multiple Screens

Friday, September 20, 2013 6:35:11 AM America/New_York

People who need to work on multiple computers and monitors can use this VGA Switch to reduce the number of stations. These are also used to display the output of the same source to the multiple monitors. There are even available in a few models which support to complete the work in a simple and an easy manner. This allows getting a very clear and a high quality of the image through the device and can be connected to several monitors. All the accessories are to be installed in a very proper manner so that they work in a correct way.

Where to use

This component and other cables can be used in the places where one needs to communicate with a large crowd. All the group of people can be interacted with the speaker as they support by displaying the clear image and a good level of sound. These can be used at the places where there is  a use of digital applications like the classrooms that support smart education, hospitals, conference halls and the places that provide entertainment facilities. The most valuable money and space can be saved using these monitor switches. Also in the business place which hosts a number of meetings or presentations or any training sessions can be successful with the help of these components.

Other advantages

A video matrix switch combines a VGA switcher and a video splitter which is a good choice for the one who uses were several video displays are needed. Generally these are very much supportive at a few places like casinos, classrooms, remote monitoring where multi video sources are needed. This switch is a popular device since it maintains the quality of the video. These devices not only provide functionality but are even used to save the space. This is the reason these are preferred by the business people at their conference rooms, training stations, educational institutions and many others.

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Useful Digital KVM solutions

Monday, September 16, 2013 9:06:08 AM America/New_York

KVM stuff provides to its customers a wide range of products and services. We tend to offer to our customers products which are the latest in the market and available in affordable prices. The products and services offered by us are one of its kinds. We ensure that the customers get the best possible products like extender units, video routers, cables, digital signage and various server management units. We work towards providing our customers the best and the most sought out devices at feasible rates. Meeting all the demands of the customers is our first priority along with providing the clients with proper sustainable development techniques.

Manage your rack systems with the 17 inch widescreen KVM drawer with DVI-D and HDMI video. Trackball keyboard is compatible with USB and PS2 computers. Supports Full HD 1080p resolution.

Digital KVM solutions help out the company to continuously work in the field of expanding its branches to all over the places. It increases the scope of offering the latest and the best products that are released in the digital market arena. The main focus of the company is to provide the clients with high ROI products. All this is taken care of specifically because we focus on taking care of customer satisfaction, reliability and quality of the devices. We provide to our customers solution and assist them for installation or in technical support. Whether it is providing Rack mounted drawer or LCD keyboard drawer, we are always present to give our best to the clients.  Continuously striving ahead and working to provide world-class products and services, we endeavor to provide you with full range of products designed specially to meet all your requirements. Providing specified products at affordable and feasible rates is what the company aims at. Continually working and providing knowledge concerning technology and services to users, sellers and distributors, our popularity is just increasing day by day in the international circuit.

We help out our customers by providing them with apt solutions so that they can buy top quality products at feasible rates.

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Cheap online DVI splitters

Friday, September 13, 2013 11:27:45 AM America/New_York

There are many DVI splitters or DVI distribution amplifiers present online. These help in connecting multiple DVI video displays to a single DVI source. Available in multiple sizes with 2 ports, 4 ports and 8 ports, these can be cascaded or used in daisy chain form. Also the DVI connection can be shared with a large number of DVI displays present around. It is present in Cat6 UTP version which helps in sending video signals for long distances. These splitters are compatible with a numerous devices like PC, Mac or SUN based systems. Supporting high resolution displays and works around 60 Hz frequencies, this work by connecting them with the video source and with output of the splitter.  Used in various places like casinos, hotels, restaurants, classrooms and other places, these are useful devices.

Also there are present HDMI splitters which allow you to split the single HDMI video signals from set-top boxes, DVD players and other HDMI devices. These help to provide multipleamounts of HDMI video displays simultaneously. Available in a variety of ranges with 2 ports, 4 ports and 8 ports, these splitters support resolutions ranging from 720i, 720p to 1080i, 1080p. It supports various HDCP compliant devices and is efficient in providing good quality HDMI displays. These are mostly used for business purposes like in offices, conference rooms and business centers.

Cat5 KVM switches are devices which are of 1U and allow the users to control a large amount of computers with a single keyboard and mouse. These provide one the ability to use PS2, USB and SUN systems. These are available in 16 ports and 32 ports sizes and can be connected to around 256 servers together. You can buy these products online at cheap prices and buy products under your budget range.

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Best Digital KVM Solutions

Monday, September 9, 2013 5:41:41 AM America/New_York

There are many technical devices out there which are available online and can be bought easily at cheap rates. There is SUN Rackmount keyboard present which is a fully functional keyboard and is mounted on a metal sliding drawer which is compatible with SUN systems. The keyboard has USB touchpad and it is available in various multiple language layouts. Also there are present various KVM drawers which allow only the network administrator to work upon them and help in minimizing the space which are taken by the hardware pieces. With Rack mounted drawers out there, these are available in variety of options and layouts. These drawers are built up to be compatible with a large number of systems and this includes Windows, SUN, Dell, UNIX and Linux mode. These have different screen sizes and consist of USB or PS2 keyboard and touch pad.

All these devices are easily present on the online portal. Digital KVM solutions have been continuously working and being used to expand the selling of the products to large number of customers. These are used to build up customer satisfaction, reliability and quality which are the prime motives to help increase the business rate. Whether it is technical support requirement or assistance, KVM solutions are the best of the lot. The prime concern is to supply the best and high-quality products that are in the industry and that too at feasible rates. So if one really wants to buy these products then they can get online and ask for KVM solutions to offer them the best information and price quotes regarding the digital devices.

One can be sure to get the best products available in the market with manufacture warranty. Also all this is available at economical rate. So go online and get the best products available in the market!

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Benefits of DVI Splitter

Friday, September 6, 2013 11:32:24 AM America/New_York

DVI splitter comes in variety of capacities and functionalities. It is a perfect addition to your video distribution system. It is flexible and allows you to connect a set-top box to digital projectors, HDTVs, or PC monitors. It boosts the signals from any four DVI video and audio sources to four DVI displays and audio outputs. They are ideal for any type of broadcasting environment, classrooms, or by power computer users. There are wide ranges of DVI Connectors. The most commonly available DVI video splitter is DVI-D single link, DVI-1 single link and DVI-D dual link. A splitter display same image on multiple monitors. If you are looking for extended desktop application then you may need a video card with multiple outputs and you can buy cat5 vga video splitter.

XT-TX400S can help in any presentation may be from commercial products to corporate financial data. It can be used in show rooms, board rooms, trade shows and window displays.

HDMI splitters are available in 2,4,5,8 and 16 configurations. If you want to split DVS signal to more than 16 monitors then you can cascade these units to go up as 50 and plus monitors. It is sometimes called a DVI distribution amplifier because it amplifies the signal so it is not degraded while travelling down the cable. These splitters offer excellent image quality up to 1920 x1200. These devices also enable you to display the same image from a single DVI source to multiple digital video DVI displays. In the computer services industry you probably have had to connect a single PC or MAC to more than one monitor. A DVI video splitter makes this possible when the computer has only a single DVI video port.

Features and Benefits

1. Connects computers with DVI graphics to multiple DVI compatible monitors or projectors
2. Fully compliant with DVI-Digital and DVI-Analog
3. Speaker enabled for audio enjoyment
4. Maximize your viewers
5. Maintains highest link video resolution (1920 x 1200)
6. Supports DDWG (Digital Display Working Group) standard for DVI compliant monitors
    Installs in minutes

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Substantial Cost Savings by LCD Rack Mount Drawers

Monday, August 19, 2013 8:44:08 AM America/New_York

Rackmount LCD Keyboard drawers have proved to be a significant area of cost savings by eliminating the over use of your much needed rack space in your server cabinet. Creatively engineered, these products combine the three (3) most commonly used peripherals – the Keyboard, a Monitor and a Mouse into one single console that can be mounted within a server rack, giving way to storage of other necessary devices. Having multiple sets of Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse peripherals in a server rack not only increases the consumption of space, but the cost of purchasing these units in numerous sets also increases the manual and unproductive labor required by switching to and from various servers and network equipment.

Console Terminal LCD Keyboard Drawer 1u Cyberview NCP-1701, 17" LCD

The build of these devices includes a bright LCD monitor, an integrated keyboard and trackball or touchpad mouse. These are built to be flipped down flat when not in use and in this position only consumes about 1U or 1.75”of space. Its design enables easy installation by utilizing brackets built into slide rails that fit into industry standard rack cabinets. An optional KVM switch with this device offers connectivity to many servers with the simple push of a button and makes it immensely useful in reducing time spentfrom manually attaching several devices one after another. An integrated KVM switch allows a user to operate and control up to 512 devices from one Rackmount Keyboard drawer.

These consoles offer easy and convenient solutions for Office Managers/ IT Managers to operate one or moreRackmount servers from a single console drawer. It is highly durable and can last for many years due to materials used in its industrial grade design and can survive the toughest of environments.

LCD Rackmount Keyboard drawers pays back your company or organization on costs by saving space, eliminating multiple Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor requirementsand also by consuming less power, thus making it a worthwhile expenditure.

To get more information or to order for Rackmount LCD Keyboard drawers & KVM switch email us at or call at TOLL FREE: 888-586-7587


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