Rackmount LCD Keyboard drawers have proved to be a significant area of cost savings by eliminating the over use of your much needed rack space in your server cabinet. Creatively engineered, these products combine the three (3) most commonly used peripherals – the Keyboard, a Monitor and a Mouse into one single console that can be mounted within a server rack, giving way to storage of other necessary devices. Having multiple sets of Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse peripherals in a server rack not only increases the consumption of space, but the cost of purchasing these units in numerous sets also increases the manual and unproductive labor required by switching to and from various servers and network equipment.

Console Terminal LCD Keyboard Drawer 1u Cyberview NCP-1701, 17" LCD

The build of these devices includes a bright LCD monitor, an integrated keyboard and trackball or touchpad mouse. These are built to be flipped down flat when not in use and in this position only consumes about 1U or 1.75”of space. Its design enables easy installation by utilizing brackets built into slide rails that fit into industry standard rack cabinets. An optional KVM switch with this device offers connectivity to many servers with the simple push of a button and makes it immensely useful in reducing time spentfrom manually attaching several devices one after another. An integrated KVM switch allows a user to operate and control up to 512 devices from one Rackmount Keyboard drawer.

These consoles offer easy and convenient solutions for Office Managers/ IT Managers to operate one or moreRackmount servers from a single console drawer. It is highly durable and can last for many years due to materials used in its industrial grade design and can survive the toughest of environments.

LCD Rackmount Keyboard drawers pays back your company or organization on costs by saving space, eliminating multiple Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor requirementsand also by consuming less power, thus making it a worthwhile expenditure.

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