There are many DVI splitters or DVI distribution amplifiers present online. These help in connecting multiple DVI video displays to a single DVI source. Available in multiple sizes with 2 ports, 4 ports and 8 ports, these can be cascaded or used in daisy chain form. Also the DVI connection can be shared with a large number of DVI displays present around. It is present in Cat6 UTP version which helps in sending video signals for long distances. These splitters are compatible with a numerous devices like PC, Mac or SUN based systems. Supporting high resolution displays and works around 60 Hz frequencies, this work by connecting them with the video source and with output of the splitter.  Used in various places like casinos, hotels, restaurants, classrooms and other places, these are useful devices.

Also there are present HDMI splitters which allow you to split the single HDMI video signals from set-top boxes, DVD players and other HDMI devices. These help to provide multipleamounts of HDMI video displays simultaneously. Available in a variety of ranges with 2 ports, 4 ports and 8 ports, these splitters support resolutions ranging from 720i, 720p to 1080i, 1080p. It supports various HDCP compliant devices and is efficient in providing good quality HDMI displays. These are mostly used for business purposes like in offices, conference rooms and business centers.

Cat5 KVM switches are devices which are of 1U and allow the users to control a large amount of computers with a single keyboard and mouse. These provide one the ability to use PS2, USB and SUN systems. These are available in 16 ports and 32 ports sizes and can be connected to around 256 servers together. You can buy these products online at cheap prices and buy products under your budget range.