DVI splitter comes in variety of capacities and functionalities. It is a perfect addition to your video distribution system. It is flexible and allows you to connect a set-top box to digital projectors, HDTVs, or PC monitors. It boosts the signals from any four DVI video and audio sources to four DVI displays and audio outputs. They are ideal for any type of broadcasting environment, classrooms, or by power computer users. There are wide ranges of DVI Connectors. The most commonly available DVI video splitter is DVI-D single link, DVI-1 single link and DVI-D dual link. A splitter display same image on multiple monitors. If you are looking for extended desktop application then you may need a video card with multiple outputs and you can buy cat5 vga video splitter.

XT-TX400S can help in any presentation may be from commercial products to corporate financial data. It can be used in show rooms, board rooms, trade shows and window displays.

HDMI splitters are available in 2,4,5,8 and 16 configurations. If you want to split DVS signal to more than 16 monitors then you can cascade these units to go up as 50 and plus monitors. It is sometimes called a DVI distribution amplifier because it amplifies the signal so it is not degraded while travelling down the cable. These splitters offer excellent image quality up to 1920 x1200. These devices also enable you to display the same image from a single DVI source to multiple digital video DVI displays. In the computer services industry you probably have had to connect a single PC or MAC to more than one monitor. A DVI video splitter makes this possible when the computer has only a single DVI video port.

Features and Benefits

1. Connects computers with DVI graphics to multiple DVI compatible monitors or projectors
2. Fully compliant with DVI-Digital and DVI-Analog
3. Speaker enabled for audio enjoyment
4. Maximize your viewers
5. Maintains highest link video resolution (1920 x 1200)
6. Supports DDWG (Digital Display Working Group) standard for DVI compliant monitors
    Installs in minutes