When upgrading or replacing your existing system to monitor your network, or, when you are assembling a fresh setup in your office or data center you always have a numerous choice of products with a variety of styles which makes it possible for nearly any configuration to be incorporated. However, the biggest challenge in an office or data center is to meet the requirements of limited IT budgets, which consists of technological limitations, tough storage constraints and most importantly space.

The traditional way of incorporating a monitoring system of a typical server rack along with other network equipment is to install a Monitor, a Keyboard and a Mouse which are switched from one unit to another manually,thus wasting numerous productive hours in addition to physical labor involved to do this. These devices, when assembled individually, would also consume about 10U to 13U of space if you are using the traditional CRT Monitor, keyboard and mouse setup. However, when using an LCD Monitor, it only takes about 6U to 8U of space. Either of these configurations are still a substantial waste of space and have a huge effect on efficiency.

With technology evolving every passing day, it has become imperative for organizations globally to adapt to a newer methodology which not only meets, but exceedsexpectations after meeting the above challenges.

At Smart Solutions KVM we are constantly driving innovation to bring forward the best technology that saves you money and space plus making it easier to manage your network rack configuration. One of our many creatively engineered products is the KVM LCD Keyboard drawer which is a smart collaboration of the 3 most commonly used peripherals all into one single rack mount unit. It combines the LCD monitor, a keyboard and a trackball or touchpad mouse that is both USB and PS2 compatible.

We provide a vast range of options with our excellent quality Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawers. These units are available with an optional KVM Switch which allows you to connect to hundreds of other devices that enables minimizing the use of manual labor to switch between devices within the network. Compatibility with most operating systems globally including the Sun Solaris and Windows PC systems adds to its many advantages.

Taking only a 1U area of your much needed space in an office server rack environment, this product is a result of smart engineering and creative design. The rack LCD monitor portion of the device,which offers a variety of resolutions and supports up to 16.7 million colors is also made of rugged industrial grade material and is shielded by a tough glass to sustain rough use. The display also has a number of connection types available, such as VGA rackmount display, HDMI rackmount monitor or DVI rack mount LCD to name a few. The keyboard with the trackball or touchpad mouse is also neatly placed in the unit to give it a clean and beautiful look.

If you are upgrading, replacing or establishing your network and need to buy LCD Keyboard Drawers, you are at the right place where most have already switched and stayed on with trust. We would love to hear from you so please call us at 866-999-3210 or email at sales@kvmstuff.com.