Over the years with change in technical equipment and users are now more receptive to change, more so, the friction has now changed to encouragement. One such encouraging introduction to the technical equipment space was the KVM. KVM which is shortened from Keyboard, Video and Mouse is a technology that reduces the need of multiple devices or the 3 most commonly used peripherals that does the same thing occupying more space and is expensive.

So an office space or data center that has multiple servers had an equal number of multiple sets of these 3 peripherals. With the help of KVM all these multiple sets of peripherals could now be reduced to just One. It isn’t surprising that this is now the most adapted form of hardware integration.

KVM Extenders take this technology to a next level by enabling a user to control a server or computer from a remote location. In other words, you now have a remote control of a computer from a distance quite far away. These extenders are easy to install that offer a variety of features for the ever changing demands of HD Video, USB compatible remote monitoring and Control requirements.

Extenders allow your monitoring console to be located far away from the actual physical location of the computer, emptying the equipment heavy server racks/ rooms and allowing users access or hardware location to be in a less harsh environment as it is remote. This is of great use in office and retail space where specifically the users access a computing device that is located in a back end room or data center.

As the word Extender suggests, these are used to extend various types of frequency or connections types. You can find Video extenders, i.e., DVI-D to VGA or vice versa, HDMI Extenders and USB Extenders. Each of these has their own unique advantage and enhanced usability and also come with different type of wired technology – copper, fiber or networked.

However when looking to purchase one, you should consider the following (but not limited to them):

* Do you prefer a wired or wireless connectivity?

* How far do you want the installation to be?

* Video resolution output and the preferred display type – DVI or VGA

* Power options

* PS2/ USB Compatibility

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