KVM technology is making a noticeable impact in the way we use IT equipment in our Offices, Data Centers, Schools and other work places. HDMI Extenders, as the word suggests extends and further distributes high definition video signalssimultaneously from various Video playing sources such as DVD Players, Set-top Boxes, HD TVs and more to several HDMI Video display inputs.  

This is a great utility in places like Schools, Business Centers, Small or Home Offices, Retail Outlets, Conference Rooms, Classrooms and many more. This technology enables a user or the intended audience to view the output far from the actual source player. HDMI Video Splitters are available in various types of different sizes, ranges and number of ports that can be used.

HDMI Distribution Amplifier 1x2 Mini Splitter Full HD 1080p v1.3

HDMI Extenders support up to 1080P resolution and support HDCP compliant devices. One of its efficiencies if that, you can split or extend video signals with audio using only a single cable to make the connection between the source and output units less cluttered.

These devices are engineered in detail to make sure it is simple to use and offers ease of installation. This immensely increases data security, keeps the display outputs in a less tough environment, meets the challenge of over consumption of space and is much more economically viable. Giving attention to minor details, these products’ are deployed quicker and are user-friendly.