If you love watching videos and YouTube has catalyzed this revolution then you must know that the video revolution is here to stay. You will be very excited to learn that every month new tools and gadgets are making a debut in the market that will enhance the boost the signal of the videos.

Do you know what a video matrix is? So much is being discussed so you should at least know what is the gadget all about. As the name implies it is gadget made for videos that enables video broadcasting from multiple sources. A video matrix is basically a healthy mix of a video splitter and video switch. It is a wonderful device as both video and audio signals can be easily broadcasted by using the video matrix.

The user has enough choices and can easily choose from the various options of video sources. You no longer have to feel mundane and bored. A user will feel energized and can say goodbye to complicated and cluttered viewing days which was caused due to network of cables. Video matrix switch will simplify your life for the better as it will allow you to route single or all the inputs at the same time.

The video routing switcher lets you individually route any or all inputs to any output or outputs all at the same time. The video matrix switches come in various configurations. It ranges from 2x2 till 32x16. All the audio and video signals are smoothly transmitted till adistance of 1000 feet. If you are fan of crystal clear images then you should know that you can easily view 1900x 1200 resolution videos. Right from supporting MAC to windows the video matrix switches are a boon to all those who appreciate the good things in life.