Video Extender is an unique device that can extend your keyboard, mouse and/or video over long distances via standard Cat5 or Cat6 UTP/STP cabling. Many versions of the Cat5 video extender exist which include the Cat5 KVM Extender, VGA Extender, RS232 extender, USB Extender, DVI extender, component video and composite video extender. KVM over Cat5 or VGA over Cat5 eliminates the need to use bulky VGA/PS2 cables and is more cost effective. Crisp, clear picture quality with no delay can still be maintained using the Cat5 KVM Extender and VGA Video Extender. KVM Extender and Video Extender are made with various options, such as local connections, auto compensation capability, and audio for example. Cat5 KVM or Cat5 VGA is also being designed to be compatible with newer technologies such as fiber optics. This new KVM on Cat5 Video Extender technology allows extreme distances to be achieved while maintaining high resolutions for the digital video of DVI and HDMI. CAT5 KVM Extender, VGA Cat5, DVI over Cat5 and the many other video extender types are ideal solutions for many applications in SOHO, government, military and commercial environments.