Digital Signage: A greater Means of Advertising to Reach a Larger Distribution

Digital Signage technology is the latest medium of advertising where computer software is used to control and customize a network of digital displays. All of this can be done in real time in order for information updates to reach the target audience at the right time. The information to be passed on can be updated either manually, by linking with an outside feed or through a scheduling system.
It can be in any format such as text messages, video, audio and animation and can be displayed on hardware devices such as plasma TVs, LCD panels, video cubes, projectors and full matrix LED boards. A combination of this hardware and software constitutes the digital signage solutions.
Numerous advantages are associated with this means of out of home advertising. The key benefits are: creating brand awareness by influencing consumer behavior, enhancing the customer experience, offering a higher return on investment and rapid updating of content. These are also the reasons why this technology is referred to as a dynamic signage solution. It has overcome the limitations associated with static means of advertising like print media where changing content and information requires additional investments. The solution can be managed either locally or via IP.
For a successful deployment of this solution, a user needs to thoroughly understand his network and bandwidth availability and should evaluate the costs and benefits associated with it. The Digital Signage Hardware should operate on the network without affecting the normal operations and the solution should have the capacity to accommodate growth. Based on the medium of display which is being used, the information can be presented on full screens, split screen presentation, slide shows or a video presentation. The hardware used works well with all file formats such as Flash files, Video, HTML, QuickTime, Microsoft Office, and JPG and the combined solution symbolizes the unification of information technology, electronic display devices and electronic media.
A revenue generating medium, this technology is being applied globally and used for many different purposes. Financial and commercial establishments, entertainment facilities, educational and training institutes, Health care facilities, bus, train and air terminals are all adopting digital signage as a means to relay information.