Fiber Extenders

Fiber Optic Extender consists of a transmitter and receiver set that is connected with fiber optic cables and allows for high resolution transmission of video. The video quality of a fiber optic extension devices can be as high as WUXGA (1920x1200) for single link DVI, but may vary depending on the distance. Dual link DVI Extender over fiber optic supports WQXGA+ (2560x1600) video transmission. One of the most valuable features of sending video over fiber is security as any break in the line can easily be identified. In addition, fiber extension is protected from any type of problems that are created from EMI and RFI interference. Other types of fiber optical extension include KVM over fiber as well as HDMI fiber optical extension, which will maintain 1080p video resolution. Fiber Optic Extender is an ideal solution for configurations in the military, government, medical and Digital Signage industry where security and performance is required.

Fiber Optic Extender Peripherals