Cat5 VGA Video/Audio Splitter Extender

CAT5 Video Splitter is a device that not only splits your video and audio from one source but also sends it over cheap Cat5/Cat6 cables to several locations eliminating the need for bulky VGA cable. VGA on CAT5 gives you ability to play audio and video in multiple locations at distances of 1000 feet away from the VGA video source while supporting high resolutions with no loss in video quality. VGA over Cat5 Splitter unit comes in 2, 4, 8 and 16 port versions. Some models of the Cat5 Video Splitter allow you to extend RS232 as well and be controlled with an IR device. Additionally, this VGA on Cat5 Video Splitter can be cascaded and daisy chained which lets you increase the size of your configuration. CAT5 VGA Splitter is an ideal product for variety of environments such as bars, restaurants, airports, conference centers and anywhere digital signage is used!