Cat5 VGA Video Extender

CAT5 VGA Extender is a device that consists of a transmitter and a receiver that allows you to send video over long distances using Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 cable. You simply have to connect the transceiver to your video source, run the UTP cable over the required distance and connect it to the remote receiver that is connected to your video display, which gives you VGA over CAT5. VGA Extender can maintain high resolutions without signal degradation. Being able to convert VGA to Cat5 eliminates the necessity to use bulky video cables. VGA over Cat5 can be achieved with point to point version or with CAT5 VGA Extenders that lets you send a single video source to multiple locations simultaneously. Some VGA Extender Over CAT5 models have additional options to transmit audio, RS232 and infrared (IR) over Cat5. VGA over Cat5 is an excellent solution for applications with small or large scale digital signage projects. For more detailed information regarding our different products available under VGA Extender category please browse our website or contact us.