Know how of Video Distribution amplifier

Video distribution amplifier as the name suggest distributes the amplified video signal taken from a single input to a higher frequency which results in the better quality and high resolution of the signal. This amplified signal is the sent to two or more output devices. It has the power to transmit at a time a single video signal to multiple video devices. The main use of this device is to extend the coverage area of the signal which in turn is done by adjusting the amplitude if the input video signals.
HDMI Distribution Amplifier 1x2 Mini Splitter Full HD 1080p v1.3
2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 16 port models of VDAs are available to allot component, composite, and other signals. It can distribute high resolution quality signals at a time to 16 TV’s. For the PCs, Video Splitters are used. These are available in high quality television video formats such as VGA splitter, DVI splitter , and HDMI splitter. HDMI splitter is used to distribute High Definition Multi Media Interface signal to multiple displays.