KVMStuff.com introduces HDMI Extenders Providing Quality Output at Reasonable Price

HDMI Extenders by KVMStuff.com have overcome the extension issues of HDMI video signals without compromising with resolution quality

Beachwood, (Ohio) May 13, 2010; HDMI Extender (High Definition Multimedia Interface) was brought in to overcome the distance restriction brought by HDMI cable. It extends the HDMI video signal to long distances using inexpensive Cat5e / Cat6 UTP cables. Light in weight, this device also eliminates the need to run bulky cables hence is a space saving solution. Comprising of a sender and receiver unit, the biggest advantage of this extension device are the crisp and clear images that are received @ high resolutions up to 1080p and 1920x1200. Available in two models, these extenders can increase the distance between the source and display devices at a range from 33ft up to 330ft.
The Cat5/Cat6 HDMI Fiber Optic Extender can be controlled using an infrared remote and is an inexpensive solution that fits most budgets. It allows an extension of the digital HDTV or Projector up to 120 meters (330 feet) from the HDMI video source while maintaining signal integrity at 1080p resolution. Providing seamless connectivity between video source and displays through integrated transmitter and receiver, these devices are available in a 4 strand multi mode LC fiber optic cable version in which the DDC and CEC signal line are transmitted by copper line. The versions are all HDCP/HDMI compliant. Fully compatible with HDMI 1.1 standard and HDCP compliant, this extender comes in a small form package. With the unique patented optical system technology, high speed and long distance transmission is achieved with ease.
HDMI Extender with Cat5 is light in weight has a local transmitter unit that is placed right next to the HDMI source and a remote receiver unit which is located with remote LCD monitor. Working on HDMI which is the latest technology, these devices are ideal for applications including digital signage, home theater, mobile command centers, airports, hospitals, call centers, restaurants and commercial environments.
KVMStuff.com has always believed in knowing the customer’s needs and fulfilling them to the best of their ability. With high extension rate and high resolution, HDMI Extenders from KVMStuff.com have changed the way of viewing for all its customers and have benefited them immensely.

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